ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT: Embracing Style and Sustainability

In the heart of Darwin, Australia, Pinkhill stands as a beacon of fashion, and among its offerings, the ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT takes center stage during the wet season. Let's dive into the features and ethos that make this raincoat a standout choice for Darwin locals.


Brief Overview of Pinkhill

Pinkhill, a prominent fashion design boutique in Darwin, has become synonymous with style and innovation. Their commitment to delivering unique pieces is evident in every collection they curate.


Within Pinkhill's collection, the ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT emerges as a must-have during Darwin's wet season. Its distinctive features and the brand's commitment to sustainability make it a standout choice.


Relaxed Fit and Shirt Collar

The ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT boasts a relaxed fit and a classic shirt collar, providing both style and comfort. This design ensures that you stay fashionable even in unpredictable weather.

Waist Ties for Style and Comfort

For those who appreciate versatility, the waist ties add a touch of style while allowing you to customize the fit for maximum comfort.

Unlined for a Light Feel

The unlined feature of this raincoat adds to its allure, providing a light and easy-to-wear garment suitable for various occasions.

Composition Details: 100% TPU and 100% Cotton Contrast

Crafted with precision, the ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT combines 100% TPU with 100% Cotton Contrast, ensuring durability and a unique aesthetic.

Unique Green Color

The raincoat's green color not only adds a pop of vibrancy but also complements the natural surroundings of Darwin.

Button Fastening for Convenience

Designed for practicality, the button fastening ensures easy wear and removal, making it a hassle-free choice for everyday use.

ALEMAIS - The Brand

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Contemporary with an Artisanal Focus

ALEMAIS stands out as a contemporary brand with a dedicated focus on artisanal craftsmanship. Their pieces embody a spirit of adventure while addressing social, environmental, and ethical concerns.

Spirit of Adventure and Ethical Values

The brand's commitment to a spirit of adventure is matched only by their dedication to ethical values. ALEMAIS strives to create fashion that not only looks good but also feels good, both inside and out.

Respect for Traditional Craft and Techniques

In a world of fast fashion, ALEMAIS stands firm in its respect for traditional craft and techniques. By preserving these methods, they contribute to the preservation of cultural history.

Celebration of Unique Natural Textiles and Handcrafted Embroideries

ALEMAIS celebrates diversity through a mix of unique natural textiles and handcrafted embroideries. Each piece tells a story, weaving historical references into a contemporary wardrobe.

Inspired by Historical References for a Contemporary Wardrobe

The brand draws inspiration from historical references, redefining them to create a wardrobe that seamlessly blends the past with the present.

Purpose and Values of ALEMAIS

A Brand with Integrity

ALEMAIS is more than just a fashion brand; it's a brand with integrity. Their commitment to honesty and transparency sets them apart in an industry often plagued by ambiguity.

Commitment to Responsible and Sustainable Practices

In a world where sustainability is paramount, ALEMAIS leads the way. They commit to responsible practices, striving to minimize their environmental footprint.

Focus on Artisanal Communities

By featuring artisanal communities in their collections, ALEMAIS provides a platform for skilled craftspeople to showcase their talents and traditions.

Reduction of Negative Environmental Impact

ALEMAIS takes a proactive approach to reducing negative environmental impact. This involves thoughtful material choices and production processes that prioritize the planet.

Use of Low-Impact Fibers: Hemp, Ramie, Organic Cotton, European Linen

The brand's choice of low-impact fibers such as Hemp, Ramie, Organic Cotton, and European Linen reflects their dedication to sustainable fashion.

ALEMAIS - Looking Towards the Future

Concern for the World's Future

ALEMAIS isn't just about fashion; it's about a commitment to the world's future. Their environmental consciousness extends beyond the immediate fashion sphere.

Choosing Environmentally Friendly Fibers

The brand's emphasis on choosing environmentally friendly fibers is a small but impactful step toward a more sustainable and responsible future.

ALEMAIS's Contribution to a Changing Industry

In an ever-changing industry, ALEMAIS stands as a beacon of positive change. Their practices and values set a standard for others to follow.


Leather Boots Combination

Pairing the ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT with leather boots creates a stylish ensemble suitable for various occasions during the Fall Winter '23 season.

Effortless Styling for Fall Winter '23

The raincoat effortlessly elevates your style for the Fall Winter '23 season, providing a versatile and chic outerwear option.


In conclusion, ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT embodies the perfect blend of style and sustainability. Pinkhill, through its collaboration with ALEMAIS, offers not just a garment but a statement piece that aligns with the values of the conscious consumer.


  1. Is the ALEMAIS - ABIGAIL RAINCOAT suitable for year-round use?

    • Yes, its light feel makes it suitable for various seasons, providing comfort and style.
  2. How does ALEMAIS contribute to environmental conservation?

    • ALEMAIS focuses on using low-impact fibers and reducing negative environmental impact in its production processes.
  3. Can the raincoat be customized for a more tailored fit?

    • Absolutely! The waist ties allow for customization, ensuring a perfect fit for every individual.
  4. Are ALEMAIS products available outside of Australia?

    • Yes, ALEMAIS products, including the ABIGAIL RAINCOAT, are available for international shipping.
  5. Does ALEMAIS have other sustainable fashion initiatives?

    • Yes, ALEMAIS is committed to various sustainable practices, including supporting artisanal communities and using responsibly sourced materials.
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