Alemais' Practices - Sustainability

Innovation, Accountability, and Environmental Stewardship at Alemais

At Alemais, the conviction that innovation and efficient business practices can profoundly mitigate our climate impact while bolstering accountability across the supply chain resonates deeply. This ethos extends from Alemais's office operations to its global suppliers and international stockists, each step undertaken with the aim of diminishing Alemais's carbon footprint and championing ethical sourcing.

Key Achievements: Paving the Way for Positive Change

Alemais has been instrumental in achieving the following milestones that showcase its commitment to the environment:

  1. Over 200,000 trees have been planted and continue to flourish under Alemais's initiative.
  2. Alemais's climate-positive workforce has prevented a remarkable 444.43 tonnes of carbon emissions.
  3. All online orders are shipped with a carbon-neutral footprint.
  4. Alemais's headquarters exclusively rely on renewable energy sources for power.

Partnering with Ecologi for Environmental Impact

Since its inception, Alemais has partnered with Ecologi and embraced its Climate Positive workforce program as well as the reforestation program. Currently, Alemais is actively mapping its complete business carbon emissions to establish clear goals and accurate benchmarks, steering away from mere lofty claims.

Empowering Through Reforestation: The Ecologi Reforestation Project

Alemais's contribution has resulted in the planting of over 200,000 trees, which play a vital role in sequestering CO2, thus emerging as climate champions right from the moment of planting. Beyond carbon sequestration, these trees contribute to restoring healthy ecosystems, further sequestering carbon in soils and plant biomass while simultaneously boosting biodiversity.

Building Resilient Communities: Co-Benefits of Reforestation

Reforestation endeavors extend co-benefits to local communities by promoting employment, gender equality, new income streams, and improved community facilities. Alemais actively engages in these pursuits through its partnership with Ecologi, fostering positive and holistic change in the regions it touches.

A Climate-Positive Workforce: Taking Responsibility

Alemais's commitment to a climate-positive workforce is evident through its offsetting of each employee's carbon footprint. Aligning with the average Australian annual footprint plus an additional 10%, Alemais plants 10 trees per month and contributes to global carbon avoidance projects. With 1 footprint equivalent to 22 tonnes of CO2, Alemais's cumulative impact through this initiative amounts to preventing 444.43 tCO2e emissions through 38 verified carbon avoidance projects.

Addressing Water Wastage Through Responsible Practices

Recognizing the significant role of the clothing industry in global wastewater generation, Alemais takes conscientious strides in reducing its water footprint. By collaborating with responsible facilities that recycle wastewater, prioritizing waterless printing techniques, and embracing 100% digital printing, Alemais actively curbs its impact on water resources. All materials utilized are certified by the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, ensuring the absence of known harmful chemicals.

Sustainable Packaging: A Vision for Minimal Waste

Alemais's commitment to minimizing waste is evident in its packaging practices:

  • All garment bags are made from low-impact materials, combining certified compostable bags and recycled LDPE.
  • Swing tags are crafted from FSC mixed recycled paper, employing materials from certified forests, recycled sources, and FSC-controlled wood.
  • Care labels are composed of recycled polyester. By the end of 2024, Alemais plans to eliminate all plastics from garment bags and parcels, aligning with its commitment to combat global plastic pollution.

Alliances for Positive Change: Textile Exchange and Canopy

Alemais actively engages with key players to amplify its positive impact:

  • Textile Exchange: A global non-profit that drives climate action in the fashion industry by guiding brands, manufacturers, and stakeholders toward purposeful and climate-conscious production.
  • Canopy: An organization dedicated to protecting forests, species, and climate while advancing Indigenous communities' rights by preventing illegal logging of old-growth and endangered forests.

Alemais's journey towards sustainability is marked by consistent innovation, unwavering accountability, and collaborative efforts with organizations that share the vision of a greener, more responsible future.

Forging a Greener Path: Alemais's Commitment to Positive Change

Alemais's unwavering dedication to innovation, environmental responsibility, and ethical sourcing is steering the brand towards a greener path. With every endeavor, Alemais demonstrates that positive change is not only possible but imperative for the well-being of our planet.

A Brighter Future Through Collective Efforts

As Alemais continues its journey, it underscores the fact that achieving sustainability requires collective efforts. From employees to suppliers, from consumers to advocacy organizations, each stakeholder plays an integral role in shaping the fashion industry's landscape for the better. Alemais invites everyone to join in this movement toward a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

In Conclusion: A Vision of Sustainability

In conclusion, Alemais's commitment to environmental stewardship, innovation, and ethical practices serves as a beacon of hope in the fashion industry. With a comprehensive approach that spans from responsible material choices to impactful partnerships, Alemais demonstrates that sustainable fashion is not a lofty aspiration but an attainable reality. Through every step it takes, Alemais paves the way for a future where fashion coexists harmoniously with the planet, inspiring others to follow suit and embrace positive change.

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