Black Friday 2023 At Pinkhill Boutique | Darwin Fashion

Unveiling Pinkhill's Legacy

Pinkhill, an eminent Australian high-end fashion designer boutique nestled in Darwin, stands as a beacon of elegance and sophistication. Revered for its exquisite collections and unparalleled craftsmanship, Pinkhill is an epitome of luxury in the realm of fashion.

Celebrating Black Friday at Pinkhill

As the clock strikes for Black Friday, Pinkhill opens its doors to an extravagant shopping experience. A remarkable 30% off on selected items awaits fashion enthusiasts seeking to adorn themselves with the crème de la crème of designer wear.

Showcasing Eminent Designers

Pinkhill proudly presents an array of top designers, featuring the likes of Alemais, Camilla, Trelise Cooper, and Morrison. Each designer brings a unique blend of creativity and innovation, embodying the essence of haute couture.

The Essence of Pinkhill's Collection

Elegance and style intertwine seamlessly in Pinkhill's curated collection. From chic ensembles to sophisticated accessories, every piece exudes sophistication and refinement, reflecting the boutique's commitment to timeless fashion.

Delving into the Pinkhill Experience

Shopping at Pinkhill transcends mere transactions; it's an immersive journey into opulence. The boutique offers an exclusive and personalized shopping experience, ensuring each patron finds the perfect ensemble that resonates with their style and personality.


Pinkhill's Black Friday extravaganza is a testament to its commitment to offering unparalleled luxury and style. Elevating fashion to an art form, Pinkhill invites patrons to indulge in sophistication and exclusivity.


  1. Are all items at Pinkhill on sale during Black Friday?

    • No, only selected items are available at a 30% discount.
  2. Can I shop online for the Black Friday sale at Pinkhill?

    • Yes, the Black Friday sale applies both in-store and online.
  3. Is the discount applicable to all sizes available in the selected items?

    • Yes, the discount applies to all available sizes.
  4. Are returns accepted for items purchased during the Black Friday sale?

    • Yes, Pinkhill accepts returns following their regular return policy.
  5. When does the Black Friday sale at Pinkhill end?

    • The sale concludes at the end of Black Friday.
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