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Pinkhill, the Australian Fashion Design Boutique nestled in Darwin, prides itself on curating exquisite collections that blend elegance with comfort. Among the array of stellar brands adorning its racks, Morrison stands as an emblem of style and sophistication. At Pinkhill, we are excited to unveil the crown jewel of our new arrivals collection: the Morrison - Aperitivo Linen Robe.

Shop Morrison Online Australia At Pinkhill | Darwin Fashion Boutique

The Allure of Morrison - Aperitivo Linen Robe

Crafted from 100% Linen, the Aperitivo Robe boasts an exclusive Morrison print that exudes charm and individuality. Its design features a graceful shawl collar, complemented by below-elbow length sleeves and exquisite embroidered edging throughout. The inclusion of a self-fabric waist tie ensures a tailored fit. Available in sizes 0-1, 1-2, and 3-4, this robe is a testament to both comfort and style.

Shop Morrison Online Australia At Pinkhill | Darwin Fashion Boutique

Unveiling Morrison's Origins and Evolution

Morrison's narrative stems from its inception in Fremantle, Western Australia, marked by the opening of its inaugural flagship store in 2002. Kylie Radford, the Creative Director, propelled the label to prominence with her iconic creation—the "Good Butt Pant." This innovation captivated Australian women, solidifying Morrison's place in the fashion realm. From season to season, Radford's designs continued to captivate, expanding Morrison's presence to 9 flagship stores and over 100 retailers across the country.

Shop Morrison Online Australia At Pinkhill | Darwin Fashion Boutique

Embracing Morrison's Fashion Ethos

At the core of Morrison lies a philosophy rooted in relaxed silhouettes, celebrating intricate detailing and opulent natural fabrics. The brand's focus on creating effortlessly chic attire resonates with fashion enthusiasts seeking sophistication without sacrificing comfort.

Morrison's Enduring Influence

The legacy of Morrison extends beyond its clothing. The brand's impact on Australian fashion is undeniable, epitomized by the widespread adoration of their signature "Good Butt Pant" and an unwavering commitment to redefine contemporary fashion.


Pinkhill's collaboration with Morrison embodies the essence of sophistication and comfort, bringing together fashion enthusiasts who seek style with a touch of luxury. Morrison's journey from humble beginnings to a nationwide phenomenon reflects its dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance.


  1. Is the Morrison - Aperitivo Linen Robe available in multiple colors?

    • Currently, the robe is available in the exclusive Morrison print only.
  2. Are there any special care instructions for the linen robe?

    • We recommend gentle hand washing or dry cleaning for the best maintenance.
  3. Can customers find Morrison products exclusively at Pinkhill?

    • While Pinkhill proudly stocks Morrison, the brand is available at various retailers across Australia.
  4. Is the sizing true to standard measurements?

    • Morrison's sizing typically aligns with standard Australian measurements.
  5. Are there any additional accessories included with the Aperitivo Linen Robe?

    • The robe comes with a self-fabric waist tie, enhancing its tailored look.
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