Elevate Your Allure with Kachel's Savannah Maxi Slip Dress

In the world of high-end fashion, a new star has risen on the horizon. Pinkhill, an Australian boutique based in Darwin, proudly introduces Kachel, one of its latest fashion brands. Among their collection, the KACHEL SAVANNAH MAXI SLIP DRESS stands out as an exquisite masterpiece, designed to captivate attention and elevate your allure. In this article, we will delve into the details of this opulent silk-blend slip dress, exploring its unique features and why it's causing a buzz among fashion-savvy customers.

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A Masterpiece of Elegance

Delicate Design

The Savannah Maxi Slip Dress is a testament to the art of fashion design. Delicately adorned with slender shoulder straps, it effortlessly accentuates your grace. The choice of spaghetti straps adds a touch of sensuality, making this dress perfect for those special occasions when you want to turn heads.

Shop Kachel Online Australia At Pinkhill | Darwin Fashion Boutique

Signature Prints

Kachel is known for its signature prints, and the Savannah Maxi Slip Dress proudly showcases them. The dress features meticulously curated panels, each displaying a captivating array of Kachel's distinctive prints. This means that every time you wear it, you're making a unique style statement.

Shop Kachel Online Australia At Pinkhill | Darwin Fashion Boutique

The Perfect Fit

When investing in a high-end fashion piece, fit is paramount. The Kachel Savannah Maxi Slip Dress doesn't disappoint. Our model, wearing a size AU 8 dress, stands at 180cm (5'11") tall with a 32" bust, a 24" waist, and 35.5" hips. The dress is designed to cater to various body types, making it a versatile choice for women who appreciate a perfect fit.

Unparalleled Comfort

Sleeveless Design

The dress's sleeveless design ensures that you'll stay cool and comfortable, even during warm weather. It's a perfect choice for those outdoor events and gatherings where you want to look stylish while feeling at ease.

Maxi Length

The Savannah Maxi Slip Dress is all about making a statement. With its maxi length, it exudes sophistication and is ideal for formal events or evening outings. You'll feel like a true fashion icon in this elegant and timeless piece.


The V-neckline adds a touch of allure to your look. It's subtle yet captivating, making the dress suitable for a wide range of occasions, from dinner parties to weddings.


Pullover Style

Getting dressed should be effortless, and this dress is designed for just that. With a pullover style, it's easy to put on and take off, ensuring that you'll be ready to shine in no time.

Smooth, Lightweight Fabric

Crafted from a smooth, lightweight fabric, the dress feels like a dream against your skin. It's opaque and unlined, ensuring both comfort and a sleek silhouette.


The Kachel Savannah Maxi Slip Dress is made of 65% VISCOSE and 35% SILK, combining the best of both worlds. This blend of materials offers a luxurious feel and ensures the dress maintains its shape and elegance wear after wear.


The Kachel SAVANNAH MAXI SLIP DRESS, now available at Pinkhill, is more than just a dress; it's a statement of style, elegance, and individuality. With its delicate design, signature prints, perfect fit, and unparalleled comfort, it's the ideal choice for women who appreciate high-end fashion that makes them feel both confident and comfortable. Elevate your allure with this exquisite silk-blend slip dress and become the center of attention at your next event.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I purchase the Kachel Savannah Maxi Slip Dress?

You can purchase the Kachel Savannah Maxi Slip Dress at Pinkhill, an Australian high-end fashion boutique based in Darwin.

2. What sizes are available for the dress?

The dress is available in various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for women of different body types.

3. Can I wear the Savannah Maxi Slip Dress to formal events?

Absolutely! The dress's maxi length, V-neckline, and elegant design make it a great choice for formal occasions.

4. Is the fabric of the dress comfortable to wear in warm weather?

Yes, the dress is made from a smooth, lightweight fabric that ensures comfort even in warm weather.

5. Are there other products from Kachel available at Pinkhill?

Yes, Pinkhill stocks a range of fashion items from Kachel, allowing you to explore more of their unique designs.

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