Ethics and Sustainability: Kachel's Journey Towards a Greener Future

Kachel, a prominent name in the world of fashion, understands the profound impact the industry has on the environment. This article delves into Kachel's commitment to sustainability, ethical work practices, eco-friendly materials, responsible packaging, and their inspiring initiatives for positive change.

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Kachel's Commitment to Sustainability

Kachel has taken substantial steps toward sustainability, embracing the mantra of "more is more" when it comes to color and prints, but "less is more" when it comes to consumption. They firmly believe in quality over quantity, producing smaller collections meticulously designed for longevity.

Ethical Work Practices

Kachel has always operated as a small, tight-knit team, fostering an environment of thoughtful design. Their commitment extends to their production team in Shanghai, whom they have worked alongside since the brand's inception. Regular visits to their factories ensure that they align with Kachel's ethical principles.

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Fabrics and Materials

A pivotal aspect of Kachel's sustainability journey is their choice of materials. They use ecovero, an eco-friendly material derived from renewable wood sources, which significantly reduces water and CO2 emissions. Natural fibers are a staple in their collections, promoting both personal and environmental well-being. Kachel also utilizes organic cotton in their sew-in labels and incorporates recycled materials into their swing tickets, promising further innovation in sustainable fabrics.

Kachel's journey towards sustainability is an inspiration for the fashion industry. They have shown that a commitment to ethical work practices, responsible material choices, eco-friendly packaging, and purpose-driven initiatives can create a greener, more sustainable future.

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1. How does Kachel ensure the longevity of their clothing collections?

  • Kachel produces smaller collections designed for longevity, focusing on quality over quantity.

2. What is ecovero, and why is it significant in Kachel's sustainability efforts?

  • Ecovero is an eco-friendly material derived from renewable wood sources. It significantly reduces water and CO2 emissions, aligning with Kachel's commitment to sustainability.

3. How does Kachel contribute to reducing plastic usage in the fashion industry?

  • Kachel uses compostable packaging for their products, minimizing damage to the environment and reducing overall plastic usage.

4. Can you explain Kachel's partnership with B1G1 and its impact on clean water access in Ethiopia?

  • Kachel's partnership with B1G1 donates $1 from every dress sale to provide a day of clean water access to families in Ethiopia.

5. What other humanitarian initiatives is Kachel involved in, apart from clean water access in Ethiopia?

  • Kachel has also been actively providing emergency help and support relief for Ukraine.
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