Meet Me In Marchesa: Elevate Your Style with Luxury Silk Scarves

Welcome to Pinkhill, your go-to destination for high-end fashion in Darwin, Australia. Today, we're thrilled to showcase a true fashion gem - the Camilla Silk Square Scarf, "Meet Me In Marchesa." Join our team member, Christine, as she takes you on a styling journey with this exquisite piece.

Product Description

The "Meet Me In Marchesa" Silk Square Scarf is a masterpiece inspired by the enchanting Amalfi region. It features intricate tile mosaics intertwined with vibrant lemons and summer florals, capturing the essence of this breathtaking destination. Adorned with CAMILLA's signature crystals, this luxury silk scarf boasts custom border detailing and hand-rolled hems. Its versatility allows you to wear it as a neck scarf or elegantly tied as a headscarf, ensuring your look stays polished and in place. Crafted with love in Italy, it's a standout piece from the Amore Mio collection.

Key Features

  • CAMILLA Accessories: Experience the sophistication of CAMILLA's accessory line.
  • Hand Rolled Hems: The scarf's edges are meticulously finished for a refined look.
  • Printed Silk: Revel in the rich patterns and colors of printed silk.
  • Contrast Border: The scarf's border adds an extra touch of elegance.
  • Dimensions: It measures 95cm x 95cm, providing ample styling possibilities.


Crafted from 100% silk, the "Meet Me In Marchesa" scarf offers a luxurious feel and appearance that's perfect for any occasion.

Transcript of Styling Video

Christine: Hi, everyone! I'm excited to show you a chic way to wear the Camilla Silk Square Scarf. Start by folding it into a triangle, then fold it in half. This is my personal favorite way to wear it. Take the two ends and tie them, ensuring it stays in place. For extra security, drop your head slightly and tie a knot up top. Since I'm wearing black, I've chosen the black scarf. We've got one end left—tuck it in if you don't want it hanging out. For the back, twist it and tuck it in. Voilà! What do you think? It's simply gorgeous.

Visual Appeal

The black scarf beautifully complements any outfit, adding a touch of elegance. Its unique styling options allow you to express your personality and elevate your fashion game. Whether you're going for a casual look or a formal event, this scarf is the perfect accessory to make a statement.


Intricacy, elegance, and versatility come together in the "Meet Me In Marchesa" Silk Square Scarf. Made with the finest silk and adorned with CAMILLA's signature crystals, this scarf offers a level of sophistication that's hard to match. Explore the various ways to wear it and discover the beauty of Italian craftsmanship. Elevate your style with Pinkhill's exclusive collection.


  1. How do I care for my Camilla Silk Square Scarf?

    • To maintain its pristine condition, dry clean or hand wash it with care. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach.
  2. Can I wear this scarf in all seasons?

    • Absolutely! The silk fabric is breathable, making it suitable for both warm and cool weather.
  3. Are there other color options for this scarf?

    • While we showcased the black scarf, there are various color options available to match your style.
  4. Can I gift this scarf to someone special?

    • Certainly! The "Meet Me In Marchesa" scarf makes for a thoughtful and luxurious gift.
  5. Tell me more about the Amore Mio collection.

    • The Amore Mio collection is a celebration of Italian elegance, featuring a range of exquisite fashion pieces inspired by the Amalfi region's beauty and charm.
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