Trelise Cooper's perfect combination: TOP UP Top - Blue & HOT PUFF Skirt - Blue

Trelise Cooper, the epitome of sophistication and style, brings forth an enchanting blend of fashion and allure through its 'Top Up' top and 'Hot Puff' skirt available at Pinkhill, an Australian high-end fashion boutique nestled in Darwin. These exclusive pieces curated by the renowned brand are not just garments; they embody an essence of grace and panache for the discerning fashionista.

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The Elegance of Trelise Cooper's 'Top Up' Top

Crafted meticulously from the luxurious 'Taffeta-dah' taffeta fabric, the 'Top Up' top exudes elegance from every thread. Its graceful features, including a gathered neckline and statement puff sleeves, offer a perfect ensemble for balmy summer evenings. The versatility of this top allows for multiple styling options, whether off the shoulder for a touch of romance or on the shoulders for a casual daytime look.

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Craftsmanship and Material

The meticulous craftsmanship and choice of material epitomize the brand's commitment to excellence. The 'Taffeta-dah' taffeta fabric not only embodies luxury but also ensures comfort and durability, making it a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

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Styling Options and Features

The dramatic puff sleeves add a dash of flair, while the elegantly gathered, elasticated neckline complements various body types. The relaxed body fit enhances comfort without compromising on style, catering to diverse fashion preferences effortlessly.

Shop Trelise Cooper Online Australia At Pinkhill | Darwin Fashion Boutique

Size & Fit Recommendations

Catering to different sizes, the 'Top Up' top embraces elegance for every body type. The model's representation in the NZ 8/ NZ S/ EU 36/ US 4 size emphasizes its adaptability. Care recommendations suggest a gentle hand wash or machine wash, ensuring longevity without compromising its grace.

Unveiling the Allure of 'Hot Puff' Skirt

Complementing the 'Top Up' top, the 'Hot Puff' skirt elevates charm and style with its captivating design. The voluminous bubble hem and comfortable elasticated waistband combine fashion-forward elements with ease of wear, promising to captivate attention effortlessly.

Unique Design Elements

Crafted from the opulent 'Taffeta-dah' taffeta fabric, the skirt boasts an elegant gathering detail that accentuates its appeal. The blend of style and comfort allows for a personalized fit, embracing fashion enthusiasts of varying tastes.

Styling Tips and Pairing Options

For a chic summer ensemble, pairing the 'Hot Puff' skirt with the 'Top Up' top presents an impeccable fashion statement. This coordinated look embodies sophistication and is ideal for various summer events, ensuring a stylish yet comfortable experience.

Care and Maintenance Guide

To preserve its allure, the skirt demands delicate care. Recommending a cool hand wash or gentle machine wash, the brand emphasizes avoiding harsh treatments and ensuring immediate line drying in the shade for longevity.

Matching Ensemble & Summer Events

The coordinated outfit of the 'Top Up' top and 'Hot Puff' skirt sets the stage for an impeccable fashion statement. From casual gatherings to sophisticated soirées, this ensemble promises to be the go-to choice for a memorable summer affair, epitomizing elegance and style.


Trelise Cooper's 'Top Up' top and 'Hot Puff' skirt transcend mere clothing; they encapsulate an essence of elegance, sophistication, and versatility. Available at Pinkhill, these pieces promise to redefine summer fashion, offering a blend of style, comfort, and panache for the modern fashion enthusiast.


  1. Can these garments be worn for formal occasions?

    Absolutely! The versatility allows for both casual and formal settings, adapting to various occasions effortlessly.

  2. Are these pieces suitable for different body types?

    Yes, the designs cater to diverse body types, ensuring elegance for all.

  3. What accessories complement this ensemble?

    Delicate jewelry or statement accessories can further enhance the outfit's appeal.

  4. Can the garments be machine washed?

    While a gentle machine wash is recommended, delicate care ensures longevity.

  5. Is this ensemble suitable for hot climates?

    The fabric choice and design elements ensure comfort even in warmer weather.

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