Unlocking Glamour: Styling CAMILLA's Lace Up Racer Back Dress With Christine At Pinkhill, Darwin

In the world of Australian high-end fashion, Pinkhill stands as an epitome of elegance and style. Situated in the vibrant city of Darwin, Pinkhill has been a fashion sanctuary for those who crave sophistication and glamour. One of the crown jewels in Pinkhill's treasure trove of designer brands is none other than CAMILLA, renowned for its exquisite creations. Today, join us as Christine and Vanessa take you on a journey to style the sensational CAMILLA Lace Up Racer Back Dress Flamenco Flamingo. This styling session transcript unveils the versatility of this magnificent dress, providing you with insights on how to wear it for different occasions.

Embrace the Versatility

CAMILLA's Lace Up Racer Back Dress is a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways, ensuring you look your best, no matter the occasion.

The Cocktail Chic Look

The first styling tip is a simple yet effective way to turn heads at a cocktail party. This dress comes with beautiful ties that can be easily adjusted to achieve a shorter, cocktail-style look. Grab the sides of the dress, turn around to face the camera, and tie it at the back. This not only accentuates your figure but also adds a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

Playing with Silk

Silk is a fabric that allows for creative styling. If you find the dress too roomy at the start, simply move the fabric to the center for a more pleasing look. To further enhance the silhouette, tuck the front and back of the dress into the belt. This not only adds structure but also gives the dress a unique bubble flow at the bottom.

Embrace the Mini Look

For those who prefer a mini dress, this styling tip is a game-changer. Tuck the dress under the bra for a sleeker and less casual look. Adjust the length as desired to create a chic appearance. You can even add a belt to complete the ensemble, offering an effortlessly glamorous style.


CAMILLA's Lace Up Racer Back Dress Flamenco Flamingo is a fashion masterpiece that allows you to express your style in multiple ways. Whether you're aiming for a cocktail chic look, playing with silk for a more dynamic appearance, or embracing the mini look, this dress is your canvas to create a fashion statement that's uniquely you.


  1. Where can I purchase CAMILLA's Lace Up Racer Back Dress Flamenco Flamingo?

    • You can find this stunning dress at Pinkhill, Darwin, the ultimate destination for high-end fashion.
  2. Can I style this dress for a casual outing as well?

    • Absolutely! With its versatility, you can adapt this dress to various settings, including casual outings.
  3. Is CAMILLA known for other unique designs?

    • Yes, CAMILLA offers a wide range of distinctive designs, perfect for fashion enthusiasts.
  4. Do I need any special accessories to complete these looks?

    • While accessories can enhance the overall look, CAMILLA's dress is stunning on its own. Feel free to experiment with jewelry, belts, or scarves to personalize your style.
  5. Can I order CAMILLA's dress online?

    • To explore the full range and experience personalized service, we recommend visiting Pinkhill in Darwin. However, you can inquire about online ordering options at Pinkhill's website.
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