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A Journey to Sustainable Elegance in Alemais Summer '24

Imagine a place where the sun caresses your skin, the sea breeze whispers secrets of ancient lands, and fashion takes a bold step towards sustainability without sacrificing an iota of elegance. This summer, Hotel Paradiso invites you on a journey not just to an exotic location inspired by the island hideaway of Lamu but into the heart of a collection that redefines summer aesthetics with a commitment to environmental consciousness.

Hotel Paradiso: Your Summer Destination

As the world spins on its busy axis, there exists a sandy alcove, a serene escape called Hotel Paradiso. This isn't just a metaphorical destination but a state of mind, brought to life by the Summer '24 collection. Inspired by Lamu's vibrant fusion of cultures, this collection is a testament to the beauty that arises when different worlds meet.

The Allure of Lamu in Every Thread

Lamu, a gem in the Indian Ocean, offers more than just scenic beauty; it is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and an inspiring muse for the Hotel Paradiso collection. The colors, the lightweight and sustainable fabrics, the intricate detailing, and the assorted prints are all whispers of Lamu's soul, translated into fashion.

Sustainability: A Core Philosophy

In a world crying out for sustainability, Hotel Paradiso responds with a collection that emphasizes eco-friendly practices. The use of sustainable fabrics is not just a trend but a deeply ingrained philosophy, ensuring that every piece tells a story of care, conservation, and respect for the planet.

A Canvas of Sunkist Colours and Textures

Imagine wearing the sunset or draping yourself in the hues of dawn. The Summer '24 collection introduces a palette of sunkist colors, new shapes, and silhouettes that mirror the endless skies and vibrant landscapes of an island paradise.

Art Meets Fashion: The Alan Berry Rhys Collaboration

In an exciting collaboration, artist Alan Berry Rhys brings his unique vision to the collection. His hand-drawn interpretations of Lamu's life, influenced by vintage postcards and old signage, infuse the collection with a nostalgic yet timeless charm. The bespoke jewelry, inspired by Lamu's bustling fishing ports, adds a layer of personal storytelling to each piece.

From Day to Night in Paradiso

The collection effortlessly transitions from the warmth of the day to the enchantment of the night. Each piece is designed to navigate the day's adventures and the night's mysteries, with the air filled with the aroma of sun-ripened fruits and flowers, guiding you through the labyrinth of coral stone walls to the comforting glow of Hotel Paradiso.

The Creative Minds Behind the Collection

The vision of Lesleigh Jermanus, brought to life by the lens of Georges Antoni and styled by Karla Clarke, the Summer '24 collection is a collaborative masterpiece. The dedication and creativity of the team, from makeup artist Linda Jefferyes to hair stylist Daren Borthwick and the talent in front of the camera, have culminated in a collection that is not just seen but felt.


Hotel Paradiso Summer Collection '24 is more than a fashion statement; it's a journey, a destination, and a commitment to a better world. It invites us to explore, to dream, and to embrace the beauty of sustainability. This summer, let's check into Hotel Paradiso and wear the essence of an island breeze, colored in sunkist shades and designed with the earth in mind.


  • What inspires the Hotel Paradiso Summer Collection? The collection draws inspiration from the island of Lamu, where cultures converge, and sustainability meets style.

  • How does the collection promote sustainability? Through the use of sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly practices, emphasizing care for the planet.

  • Can you tell us more about the Alan Berry Rhys collaboration? Alan Berry Rhys has created hand-drawn interpretations of Lamu's life, blending art with fashion in a unique collaboration.

  • What makes this collection suitable for both day and night? The versatile designs and sustainable fabrics ensure comfort and elegance from sunrise to sunset.

  • Who are the creative minds behind the collection? Led by Lesleigh Jermanus, with photography by Georges Antoni and styling by Karla Clarke, among others.

  • Where can the Hotel Paradiso Summer Collection be purchased? Details on purchasing will be available closer to the collection's release, encouraging anticipation and excitement.