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Camilla Franks: The Fashion Icon Who Transformed Adversity into Style


In the world of fashion, a few names stand out as beacons of creativity and innovation. Camilla Franks, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, is one such luminary. Her journey from a picturesque childhood in Sydney to becoming a global fashion sensation is nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Camilla Franks, exploring her inspiration, struggles, and the brand she built, known as Camilla.

Camilla Franks, founder of Camilla | Australian Fashion Design Brand

A Childhood in Sydney

1. The Influential Family

Camilla Franks was born in Sydney to a unique family. Her mother was a model who later transitioned into a fashion buyer, and her father was an architect.

2. Summer Escapes

During the summers, the Franks family would embark on refreshing getaways to Fraser Island. These vacations became cherished memories, filled with swimming adventures and lizard-catching expeditions.

3. A Tragic Loss

However, Camilla's life took a sorrowful turn when her younger brother, Ben, tragically fell to his death from the cliffs of Watsons Bay at the tender age of 14. This devastating incident left Camilla grief-stricken, forever altering her life's trajectory.

The Path to Fashion

Camilla Franks, founder of Camilla | Australian Fashion Design Brand

4. Seeking Solace in Work

To cope with the pain of her brother's loss, Camilla threw herself into her work. She ventured into diverse career paths, including events planning, advertising, and theatre acting.

5. The Emergence of a Designer

Camilla's journey eventually led her to fashion design. She began creating costumes for her performances, using old saris and kimonos. Her innovative designs garnered praise and propelled her into the world of fashion.

6. The Influence of Her Family

Camilla drew inspiration from her mother and grandmother, both of whom had a penchant for wearing kimonos, kaftans, and headscarves. This family influence played a significant role in shaping her unique style.

The Birth of Camilla

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7. A Fateful Encounter

During her teenage years, Camilla spent a year in London, where she crossed paths with JP Jones, who would later become her partner in life.

8. The Birth of a Brand

Inspired by her travels and various exotic design techniques, Camilla founded her fashion brand, Camilla, in 2004 at Bondi Beach, Australia.

Camilla Pranks | Founder of Camilla | Australian Fashion Brand

9. Rapid Success

Within just a year, Camilla's creations found a place in the luxury department store David Jones. Her signature bright kaftan designs began to gain recognition, adorning celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé.

Beyonce wearing Camilla | Celebrities With Camilla

10. A Brand's Evolution

Over time, the Camilla brand expanded beyond kaftans to include accessories, home-wear, and ready-to-wear collections, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Camilla Pranks | Founder of Camilla | Australian Fashion Brand

Challenges Along the Way

11. Facing Adversity

Despite her success, Camilla's brand stores faced numerous robberies over the years. In one notable incident, thieves made off with $240,000 worth of garments from her Bondi store.

12. Tattarang's Investment

In January 2023, Tattarang made a significant investment in Camilla, acquiring a minority stake valued at approximately $40 million.

Camilla Franks | Founder of Camilla | Australian Designer Brand

A Multifaceted Career

13. Collaborations and Ambassadorships

Camilla Franks ventured into various collaborations and ambassadorships, working with companies like Designer Rugs, Linen House, Austral Bricks, Ovvio Organics, and Pommery Champagne.

14. Television Appearances

In 2011, Camilla appeared as a guest on TV shows like "Beauty and the Geek" and "Project Runway Australia." In 2013, she was featured in an episode of "Australia's Next Top Model."

Camilla Franks | Founder of Camilla | Australian Fashion Brand

15. Celebrity Apprentice and More

Camilla continued to diversify her career by participating in the 2021 season of "Celebrity Apprentice Australia." She also made a guest appearance on the series "The White Lotus" in 2022.

Camilla Franks | Founder of Camilla | Australian Fashion Brand


Camilla Franks has become a trailblazer in the world of fashion. Her unique designs, inspired by her travels and personal experiences, have resonated with a global audience. Her story is one of resilience and creativity, showing how adversity can be transformed into something beautiful.


1. What is Camilla Franks known for in the fashion industry?

Camilla Franks is renowned for her bright kaftan designs and unique fashion creations that draw inspiration from her travels.

2. How did Camilla Franks start her fashion brand?

Camilla founded her fashion brand, Camilla, in 2004 at Bondi Beach, Australia, inspired by her love for travel and exotic design techniques.

3. Which celebrities have worn Camilla's designs?

Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé have been seen wearing Camilla's creations.

4. What challenges did Camilla's brand stores face over the years?

Camilla's brand stores were targeted by a series of robberies, including a notable incident where $240,000 worth of garments were stolen.

5. What is Camilla's vision for her brand?

Camilla's brand, Camilla, aims to "COLOUR THE WORLD" through empowering stories, diversity, and conscious, generous hearts.

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